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Welcome to Professional Business Networking!
Professional Business Networking (PBN) is based in the Tampa Bay region of Florida and we specialize in providing networking and advertising opportunities to local business owners.  We feel that small businesses are an integral part of the American economy.  Our mission is to provide
business owners and professionals with face-to-face networking opportunities in which they can help eachother succeed, share ideas and
exchange qualified customer referrals.  We do everything possible to help our members and clients succeed and grow their businesses.  
Networking Groups for Professionals
Our Networking Groups meet on a weekly basis so that business owners/professionals can come together, share information, marketing ideas
and refer customer leads to one another.  The diversity of our members combined with the knowledge of their local consumer markets creates
a valuable resource for any professional trying to grow their business.  Unlike some networking groups that restrict your outside networking 
choices and charge much higher fees, we believe that solid business relationships can be formed and enjoyed in a friendly, relaxed, business 
oriented atmosphere.  This is much different than what you find at many Networking Groups where there is an emphasis on rigid structure, 
high fees and minimal time for individuals to be heard.

Networking & Business Philosophy

We believe strongly in a business philosophy where the focus is first and foremost on excellent service to the existing customer base.  Then, there should be a strong focus on networking with people in the local community by making as many face-to-face connections as possible to build solid business relationships as a primary method of obtaining new customers and growing the business.  A good Networking Group can be instrumental in providing a foundation for your networking efforts.  In our Networking Groups, you will find a common ground with many other local business owners who have the same or a similar philosophy that you do.  This shared vision is what we find often brings about long lasting and beneficial business relationships. 


Other Ways We Assist Business Owners
Another way in which we can assist our members is with our advertising division.  We have a variety of excellent advertising solutions in which our members receive 10% off normal pricing to help grow their business in the Tampa Bay market.  For more information about this division, click here.
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